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This is the presentation about the Wii U game Boy in Blue, presented by Tom (tbc) from Fantasy Factory. I would like to give you more information about the story, gameplay, characters and release dates. I want to do this by taking every section short, just to tell the base. 


The story will be written in first person, so instead of the name of the character it says 'I'. This is only a short resume of it. It may change a bit in the final version though.

After awaking in a mystical and dark place, he and some other teens get captured by something huge. They are forced to work for it and live an extremely unhappy life. Not knowing who he is, he takes some people in trust and tells them his plan to escape. However, his plan kinda fails, since their master swallows the entire area in dark to kill them. Fortunately, the boy, who has now find out his name, and another boy can escape. They must travel through many kingdoms full of enemies to finally reach the light and defeat that huge being!


BiB Gameplay

The game plays from a 1st person view, and players use the GamePad's gyro controls to look around and the sticks to walk around. Enemies will slowly walk to them, and the player must tab the right spots in order to charge and eventually peform an attack. A standard enemy needs 3 attacks to be defeaten. Aiming and speed are crucial. If the enemy comes too close they will attack so the player loses some power and becomes weaker. When the player doesn't have any power left it's game over. The player can also collect items by finding them around hidden places such as bushes. Items can be used once, and there are attack and health types. The player must travel through 8 or 9 worlds that contain a few bosses each. Bosses are more intense and harder versions of the battles before, and new tactics must be peformed to succeed. 


The game features 3 main characters.

BiB Tom

TomThe main character of the game. Most of the time he's playable. He has a great cover and response, but not that much power.

RonBesides Tom the only one that survived the attack. Ron acts like Tom's best friend in the game, and the story sometimes switches to his storyline so then he's playable. Ronald is less technical than Tom, but more powerful.

BiB Charles

GriffAn old man that the boys found in an haunted house near the place of the attack. After being found, he shows up in various houses through the game, and although being a bit forgetful, he knows a lot about the past that will sure come in handy sometimes.

I will update this page when I have more info.

Boy in Blue- Teaser Trailer00:26

Boy in Blue- Teaser Trailer


A short trailer has been released from when the game was in very early development. And that's it. Thanks for your interest.

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