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(Note that the game "was released" in 2001)

Hello, Apples fans!

We are happy to present the first spin-off game for our series, it is called Apples Amazing Racing. We are planning to add multiple characters, but you only start the game with eight of them. You have to unlock more characters, which is because we wanted to add some challenge for the players.


YonenBooe in his car!

You might have guessed already that every playable character has their own unique vehicle, and the players can hinder each other using objects they find on the track.

Well, there are also very much tracks to choose from, all being based on the many different levels from the original game, Apples. We hope to entertain and attract more people by releasing this game!

Also, you might have hoped for artwork. If you did, you're the lucky one! We are going to show you some artwork from YonenBooe and his CurlyCar, which is his personal car.

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