Now it's time to the greatest The Survivors game, EVAR. So, all we know, that the chronology of The Survivors is splitted in 3 timelines, but, now with the "Neo Project" a fourth timeline open!. So... which is the story?

In a alternative ending of The Survivors 2, Martin, the missing survivor, is alive, but, the other three survivors has died. Martin discovered a thing named "Zero Vaccine" which is the cure for that zombie apocalypse, created during the "Neo Project", Martin teams up with other three survivors, Lydia, Christopher and Thomas and their quest started.

The game will be more scary, the players has the option to change between a first-person or a third-person view. When one survivor dies, he can't be revived or playable again. This would affect the ending of the game, which the game has several.

There's new weapons, and upgrades for the old ones. Returning from "The Survivors - Link Battle 3D", the game will features four-player multiplayer and returning from "The Survivors - Dead Song", several puzzle will have to do with musical instruments.

Like the original game, the four survivors has different abilities, for a example, Martin is more faster than Lydia, but, he can't jump higher than Lydia. The game is more mission-based, the player has to complete 100 different missions to complete each mission, making the game more longer than expected.

SOOOOOO, AHH... (zombie appears and kills me) GAME OVER.

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