Five letters of doom, A thing which every gaming character doesn't what to happen with, but, when you play as a dead character? That is "The Mystery".

You play as Yurei, a ghost boy, trying to know why he was killed and the other mysteries, like "What he was before dying?".

How do you play the game? The objective is to save random people from death, yeah, the game sets in a fully 3D open-world, where the player can visit every part of the city, when a people die, you has the option to save he/she, going back to 10 minutes before the death, the objective is know how to impend the death, Yurei can pick small objects, pull levers and other things to save somebody.

The game features anime-styled cutscenes, with full voice over with various famous actors like Jeremy Shada voicing Yurei, the same guy who voices Finn on the Adventure Time series.




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