The Legend of Zelda... ah, the brilliant series, now it's time for MORE ZELDA GAMES, and now, a new trilogy of games: The Legend of Zelda: Crystal of Courage, Wisdom or Power, everyone of those games takes place in one of the three timelines, Crystal of Courage takes place during The Adult Era (Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks), Crystal of Wisdom takes place during the Fallen Hero Era (A Link to the Past, Oracle of Ages/Seasons, Link's Awakening, Zelda I, Zelda II) and Crystal of Power takes place during the Child Era (Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Four Swords Adventures).

Each game takes in different places, Dragonia (Crystal of Courage), Crystalia (Crystal of Wisdom) and Termina (Crystal of Power), each game has the same gameplay, but, each one is based on one element of the Zelda franchise, Crystal of Courage is more puzzler, featuring time travel, which the player has to complete the four dungeons in the present, to catch the Time Sword, to goes back and complete the other 4 dungeons on the past, Crystal of Wisdom is more action, featuring more bosses and Crystal of Wisdom is more focused on the story, it has the most cutscenes of the three other games.

The story depends of which game you are playing:

  • Crystal of Power: After the events of Four Swords Adventures, Link decided to come back to Termina to some peace of his adventures, what he doesn't expected, was the son of Vaati, Harun, which stealed the four elemental medals, which caused Termina to turn into a "rock". Link decided to save Termina once again, this time from Harun.
  • Crystal of Courage: After the events of Spirit Tracks, Link and Zelda created the Dragonia Land, a land, a peaceful land where is known to have the existence of Dragons in the middle ages, one dragon, named Orunia, the ex-king of the land, decided to take revenge of both Link and Zelda. Orunia sealed the Time Sword, a powerful artifact which can make Link goes back into past and future, Orunia commanded his army to Dragonia, where the war between the humans and the dragons started, Zelda decided to command Link to save the Dragonia Realm, by capturing the Time Sword and defeating Orunia in the past.
  • Crystal of Wisdom: After the events of Zelda II: Adventure of Link, Link was commanded by Impa, to find the eight crystals of the Wisdom, sealed by the remaining 8 Ganon Guardians, if those Crystals are combined, this can make Ganon return, Link needs travel over Crystalia, to save the kingdom from Ganon, once for all.

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