(uses a 1-UP), okay persons I'm back!

Now, with the 2006's third game of Terry the Koopa's series for the Nintendo Gamecube.


After the events of the second game, Terry decided to sail around, but, he discovered that his worst enemy, Captian Shy Guy captured his girlfriend, Lina, to make things even worst, he was captured by his army and also Lony disappeared! That is a triple trouble. Terry decided to join up with Gyro, which was a boss on the previous game, and Yoshow, a strange yellow Yoshi. Now, the team has to escape from Captian Shy Guy, save Lina and find Lony.


Terry the Koopa 3 is the first full 3D game of the franchise, each level you play with a different character and the game play of each character change during episodes, the first episode is a prison-break, playing as Terry, you need use stealth, playing as Gyro, the game turns like a beat 'em up, playing as Yoshow, the game is a puzzler, in the second episode is the Captian Shy Guy's chase, playing as Terry, the game turns into a "running-game", like Sonic and the Secret Rings, playing as Gyro, the game turns into a shoot 'em up, which you need use the Gyro's Magic Wand to defeat enemies, and playing as Yoshow, the game turns into a 2D platformer and goes on, and on. In every episode, you will play with the same character on two levels.



  • Terry the Koopa
  • Gyro P. Koopa
  • Yoshow

Minor Characters

  • Lina the Paratroopa
  • Lony the Magikoopa
  • Princess Iny
  • Toadlue


  1. Drago, the giant Blargg.
  2. Goomboss, the King Goomba.
  3. Fire Tri-Snake, the three headed Fire Snake.
  4. Mr. Bzzr, the freezing Baron.
  5. Fiery Guy, the burning Shy Guy.
  6. Captian Shy Guy, the last boss.


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