Yeah... Project Fan10do... the worst name for a game which I ever thinked. Okay let's start!

The story is: A massive army of noobs and trolls attacked fantendo, all the users failed on attempt to stop them and the characters created from Fantendo are called to help Fantendo!

The game is a tower-defence game, the objective is to protect Fantendo by strategy. There's four types of units: Long-Ranged, Wizard, Defence and Close Combat. Long-Ranged, as the name says, says which the unit can attack enemies in a long distance, Wizard can attack using magics, the player needs choose the magic depending of the unit, Defence is which protects other unit and Close Combat only attacks when the opponent is close.

There's also going to be some of the free to use characters like McBoo and others. There's also a multiplayer VS. Mode, where two players need attack the opponent's base and protect his/her's base.

The game feature unlockables, like skin for the characters, like the christmas suit for Hayden and more.

THAT'S ALL FROM THIS FOLKS :P ChristmasYurei Merry ChristmasLocky Christmas ChristmasZack To x75px You! x75px