Now it's time to talk about New Super Mario Adventure for the Nintendo 3DS :D

The game will works like Super Mario 64 DS, without Yoshi!, this time will features Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi. The player can switch between they just by tapping the characters icon on the lower screen. Every character has his special power, like a example, Mario's Ultra Jump, from SMRPG, this can make Mario jump really high.

Teh plot is different too, but, I will not reveal the plot! I'm evil >:).

The worlds... are from previous Mario games, yep. For the first time in 3D game, the Koopalings! They returned. This game also re-introduces characters which Nintendo forgetted, like the Koopa Bros., Axem Rangers X and more.

Like in Super Mario 64 DS, the game will features several... crazy minigames. The 3D factor will be thing which will be used a lot in this game, for a example, if the player goes into the first person mode, they has to move the 3DS to see around. This will make look stupid playing at home with your friends, so, when playing this game, play alone.

Like EVERY MARIO GAME, we need have the Power-Ups, there's going to be new ones, and returning ones. For the first time in a Mario game, the Koopashrooms. And also, that's it for now.

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