Okay, let's start this shit with Locky's Racing Festival!! YAY. Will be a spin-off of Locky's Game Land and it's a baby waffle racing game!. The game will features characters from Cartoon Shows, like for a example Finn (returning from the previous game) and characters from the movies, like Terminator (I need say which series he is from?).

Now also, I'm adding new content, the game will works like Biker Race from Mars and Rock 'n' Roll Racing, two great SNES games, where you as a player travels over planets (based on TV, Gaming or Film series), winning championships and upgrading vehicles with several options. Will be RPG elements, like for a example, EXP!, depending which rank you won on the races, you will won EXP, those exp can level up stats from your vehicle and that would help.

The game will feature boss battles, but, not like Crash Team Racing, will be like Digimon Racing, a japanese-racing game for the GBA, where you fight the bosses just like in the platformer games.

The roster... i think it's the most longest roster in a video game or a baby waffle game, 182 CHARACTERS!. YEP, 182 CHARACTERS IN THIS SHEET.

That's all folks, ChristmasYurei Merry ChristmasLocky Christmas ChristmasZack To x75px You! x75px