In SNES, we have Kirby Super Star, in DS, we have Super Super Star Ultra and now on the 3DS, Kirby Super Star... Supreme! Kirby Super Star has 8 games, Ultra has 16 and Supreme will have 32!. Kirby Super Star Supreme will have 3D graphics like Kirby's Return to Dream Land, all the games from the previous installments are back!

Kirby Super Star Supreme will feature new minigames and also will feature new copy abilities and new helpers for the old abilities. The game will feature multiplayer with 4 Kirbies at the same time, each Kirby can has your own Helper, making this a 8-player multiplayer! Kewl huh?

Also, the players now have the free option to change between Kirby or the helper and the helper has unique abilities, new attacks will be added for some of the old abilities, like for a example, Sword Kirby will have now a vertical spin attack, like Link. The mix abilities will come back, but, not like in Kirby: Squeak Squad, will be like Kirby 64. This will the most longest Kirby game ever. "The Great Maze Offensive" has ten more rooms and 25 new treasures to be finded.

New enemies and bosses to the new abilities, like Speed Kirby, which allows him goes more faster. The game will features 100 stickers hidden in every game, this will unlock videos, minigames and more musics to the soundtracks.

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