Anyway, after many years of waiting, the sequel of Joy Mech Fight is finally here!, the game will features old and new characters, like Sukapon, Flame and many others. The plot is based on the previous game and the gameplay is different, the gameplay's is like the previous game, but, the objective is destroy the robot part by part, the player can wins new robot parts on Endless Battle Mode.

The arenas are in fully 3D, the player can move anywhere, they can pick objects and threw against the opponents. The game will haves team battle with the possibity to battle 2 vs. 2 (local) or 8 vs. 8! (online)

The game also features a remake of the previous game, with enchanced graphics and more, overall, the game features a ton of secrets, like for a example, if you put the Konami Code at the title screen, you will have the option to play the game in 8-bits!

One of the new things is the Endless Battle Mode, where the objective is trying to winning many battles as you can without re-fill your health any time.


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