So... a new Heroes of Orquedia? Oh yeah.

The sequel will feature more two-typed fighters, new types and also will features weapons, like in Soul Calibur, before battles, the player can choose their gear: Helmet, Sword, Shield, Armor and anything else. Every character from the previous game will return, and they will get new moves!

The game will be a MMORPG styled, the players can travel between dimension trying to beat quests given by random NPCs, the player can recruit players of other players into your party, when you level up you win a new rank. The player can use the Miiverse on this game, to give tips and hints to other players. In the first time on the franchise, the player can create your own character!.

The bosses of the previous game will be playable on this game!, but, their role is unknown. :P

So that's it which I has to talk about The New Horizon.

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