For the third TalixArts game to be showed, will be Super Mario Future, a upcoming 3D Mario series platformer for the Wii U. It was set to be out December 18, 2012 but pushed back to February 14 2013. The game promises to use have a unique gameplay mixed with the Wii U's controller features and a new controller interface just for the game.



Mario is transported to the futuristic Mushroom Kingdom by his future self and Rowdy, his future self's helper, to help defeat Future Bowser who is using his past self to ruin the past so he can become the new ruler of Neo-Mushroom Kingdom.


Like previous sequels of the Super Mario franchise, the game introduces the gamer to an future setting of Mushroom Kingdom and promises to have Super Mario 64 levels updated with challenging sequences and remodeled futuristic. There are also new levels besides the Mario 64 levels. Famous other mechanics such as the classic tube pipe will be back and this will have a key role in the traveling throughout the game.

As mentioned eariler, the gameplay will mix the Wii U controller mechanics with a new controller interface that will give players a unique way of playing Mario in the game never before seen.

Power Ups

Mario will have classic power ups return and a slate of new power ups.

  • The Fire flower = Fire Mario = Classic power up, Mario throws fireballs
  • The Bomber suit = Bomber Mario = Gains the power to throw bombs.
  • The 'Hammer suit = Hammer Mario = Gains ability to hammer through tough obstacles.
  • The Sprocket mushroom = Robot Mario = Mario turns into a robot.
  • The Cyber suit = Cyber Mario = Mario gains a cybernetic suit that gives him super strength and jet boots so he can fly.
  • The Ink flower = Cloak Mario = Mario turns invisible

Control layout

  • Left analog stick= Move, Ground Pound
  • A=Jump, B=glide (hold)
  • X= Choosing object/power up and Y=Remove object/power up
  • Directional buttons=switching objects, power-ups
  • Right analog stick=Running , carrying items, climb
  • Shaking the Wii Remote: Abilities throw, Spin Jump.
  • A (hold) = Crouch


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