The final showcase game TalixArts will like to reveal is Maven the Lynx 3DS (stylized as Maven the Lynx 3D). It will be out during late spring/early summer 2013. It will be the first Maven game on the 3DS.


The game will be a retell the events of the first Maven game (Wii version). In a new unique way, the story will be rewritten and include elements from the prequel,SilverTail'.

In the story, Maven and his sidekick Circuit helps out the island's native princess, Lana, and help her stop Gargan. However, there are much more shadowy events than meets the eye and Lana, her father, and the rest of Joto Islands have no idea what is coming.


The gameplay will continue following the traditional platformer as Maven's goal is to collect stars; each stars are different colors ranging to their amount (yellow=1, blue=5, green=2, red=10, purple=15, orange=20, white=25). The white stars are rare to find in the island homeworlds and the different levels. At the end of the game, the main amount to get a huge upgrade is about 50,000 stars.

The new gameplay elements feature in this game will use the aspects of the 3DS software. Graphics will be in 3D; the player will have the power to alter certain events in a battle, a interaction between people, and how Maven and Circuit will venture across the worlds.

Seen in Back to Action and Dimension Twist, the weapon system will return this time. Maven will not only use his bo staff, but as well use certain weapons seen in the series such as the "Spiral Twister", "InvisSheild", "Hoverrangs", "Bio Bombs", "Elemental Bombs", and new ones such as the "Talon Clawster", "Hammer Fists", and the "TerraShield".

The Joto Islands will be the central location in the game. With many of the semi-worlds and levels from the Wii version return such as the Spring Hills, Summer Valley, Fall Mountain, and Winter Summit. Most of the levels from the original will return such as:

Besides, Maven and Circuit, all the characters that appeared in the Wii version will return again.

And with that, I will like to say thank you for seeing this game and the four others I showcased for TalixArts. I like to thank NextGen Solo for giving TalixArts this opportunity to take part of this event, and I hope all you guys have a thankful and wonderful holiday season.

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