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Hello there! I'm RushingZ (tbc), owner of Starphare! Today, I'll presenting our new and upcoming game, "When SPARKS Fly". This is one of our solo projects, as Nintendo enlisted their aid in the development of Super Smash Bros. Maximum! and Square Enix gave their support with Nintendo-Men

When SPARKS Fly Logo beta

This logo was used for the game's presentation, although it is subject to change.


We'll begin with the plot.

Set in 2015, Gordon Jayden is a 16 year old High schooler who has a regular life. After a large storm strikes his country, Jayden discovers a glowing stone that contains the Japanese symbol, Rai. Jayden decides to take the stone and heads back home, to exam the mysterious artifact. 

During the process, Jayden starts to feel sick and falls unconcious on his bed. During his unconciousness, Jayden dreams about the Japanese god, Raijin. Jayden wakes up the next day, feeling stronger and better then ever. 

Jayden starts to notice that he can manipulate Thunder and Lightning, and even use them at will.

However, Jayden's actions are noticed by both the Government, whom sends out assasins to eliminate the young man.


The game focuses on the player completing a variety of missions, every time the player beats a mission, the story is able to progress. The game is an open world type, meaning the player can travel to wherever they would like to go to. The fighting mechanics are similar to that of The Amazing Spider-Man's and inFAMOUS' styles.

As the player can manipulate Electricity at will, his attacks will focus mostly on Electric based attacks. 

I cannot go further into the game's detail, due to us just starting on this project. I thank you for reading our presentation.

RushingZ, out.

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