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Fantendo RPG: Evolved is a upcoming game that will have all those creatures I drew in those blog posts.

Although not at all once. Considering that the end of the game will end on a massive twist, it may not be a good idea to unleash 200+ creatures at once.

And for you people that have no clue what I'm even talking about:


These guys.

The game itself is planned to be in real time combat. It will be on the 3DS, and the way the combat works will be explained a bit later.

There will be 75 of these guys for the first game.


So yeah, these creatures just showed up, and there seems to be no reason why they came. Go catch them in canisters and make them your slaves and live like a pimp man!


As said before, it will be in real time. The bottom screen will have the attacks for your Geogon, so you can do those manually or they will just execute attacks on their own. You can also use items and attack using the buttons.

You will only be able to have four Geogon at once. Choose wisely, because if you die, your slaves will still be controlled and if THEY die, you're screwed.

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