Note that this game was released for the Gamecube on 2004, September 15 (JAP); September 30 (US); and September 27 (EU).

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Hello everybody, today I'm going to present you a little game called Costume Hero. The game has already been confirmed, showing off the story, worlds, and a plentiful of characters.

The game has two new gameplay modes, Cheese Rocket Mode and Minigame Mode. The two modes are currently kept as secret, although the name of the modes could give you a little hint.

The main aspect of the game is the costumes hence the title, so I'm going to announce a costume and what its abilities are going to be like. The costume I'm going to state is the Snowman Costume, which allows the two playable characters, Lunes and Mike, to throw snowballs and hide inside their costume. The costume is going to be use to defeat tough enemies and to solve puzzles.

The game doesn't have any official artwork shown so far, I plan to have the artwork up once the game is finished. I also plan to add DLC at least once, so be sure to pay attention if you see any updates.

Happy Holidays!

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