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Welcome to the fourth of the 6 announcements that we, Project Eternity has the pleasure to show. Before opening Santa's presents, enjoy this announcement that we have prepared.

The Ghost of Christmas Past would invite you to see this last game. You just need to travel 800 years to the past to be the protagonist of this adventure in the city of Paris of the Middle Age. Travel and fight with Kuria on Kuria's Medieval World!!!

The Legend of Le Cardinale


Kuria, ladies and gentlemen!

Kuria is a brave teenager that lives in a village next to Paris. His parents died when he was a little child and he has been living with his uncle there. But soon he will meet a lady for the city that once needed his help. This girl was kidnapped by Le Cardinale the major bishop of Paris. After hearing the news, he, his friend and a dog that follows Kuria everywhere will go to save the lady and uncover the dark magic that Le Cardinale had been using for long time to control the city of Paris and the creatures that the bishop has created to scare all the inhabitants of France.

Along the story, the plans of Le Cardinale will be showed, whereas a diabolic truth is appearing thanks to the power of the cleric. This Role-Playing/ adventure game will show lots of the most powerful medieval characters and creatures that you will be able to see in the game.

From the village to the king palace or the cathedral

The game will show you a different city of Paris where farmers, craftsmen and nobles will help you to find the different places that you need to go to find the 5 keys of the Cathedral of Paris. There will be different places to visit like the village where Kuria lives, the shores of Seine river, the hidden catacombs, the fortress of the king, etc... in which a boss will wait for you and defend the keys of the cathedral.

Movements and Weapons

Since Kuria doesn't get the sword and the shield from the begining, you will have to use different movements to destroy the enemies that the bishop sends. Any kind of kick, punch or hit will be perfect to beat them, you just have to see when and where they are more effective. Besides, your helper will always give you information that will be necessary to continue your journey. And if you want to play with a the other character, you just need to change the option of selection. If you want to play with a friend, he or she just has to take his or her Alpha-mote and start to play.

We hope you have like this announcement, that's all for now. Thank you every one and have a good Christmas Eve!!!

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