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Welcome to the Fantendo Holiday Showcase! Let me start off by saying that it is an absolute honor to have so many people involved in this event. What started as a simple expo for our content only became a huge showing of all kinds of content, by all kinds of creators! Thank you, and enjoy now what NextGen Solo has in store.

We've talked a little about this game recently, but now it is time for the full reveal! I present to you, NextGen Solo's first-ever remake:

2KHD Logo

With this remake of one of our most creative IPs comes, of course, some brand-new HD graphics, as opposed to the low-quality sprites used in the original. We've taken a careful amount of time to capture the style of Kenny's Kwest in our new style of graphical creation. We hope you like it as much as we do.

We will have much more art to show as the game nears its completion.

This is the definitive version of Kenny's Kwest. With the Neo's dual-screen gameplay through usage of the Gamepad, everything from the Nintendo DS original becomes adaptable to 2KHD. We're making sure that the only things you see in this game are improvements, not removed features or thoughts of "The original was better."

We've also changed a lot about the story. Now, we won't reveal it just yet, but it is quite simpler then what we tried to convey in the original. However, I personally believe it has more depth; it is indeed simple, but has a lot more thought put into it. Less is more, they say.

Kenny's Kwest HD is our first try at an HD remake of one of our games. We plan to expand this concept further as we upscale some games that were robbed of their full creativity by the lesser power of the systems we released them on and the lesser experience of the creators as a whole.

With that...oh, do you think we are done? That this part of our show will be all by-the-books, with the surprises at the end? Oh no, the end is entirely new in itself, it is a surprise anyway. We figured that we'd hold your attention if we threw around surprises this time...

So, remember...imagine the best, but always fear the worst...


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