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For my first item to present for this year's Fantendo Holiday Showcase 2012, I give you my biggest project, and the one that I have put the most time into, Kirby's Dream Land 4. In fact, I am just putting the finishing touches for this one, but I may be adding more depending on community input. I have essentially gotten down everything that needs to be put for this game, so I'll try to do the cliffnotes version.


The gameplay is mostly taken from previous entries in the series, with Kirby having all of the abilities that he had back in his previous traditional entries, with a few twists. For example, Kirby's speed prior to jumping, impacts his height, distance, and durability, since Kirby does have an air meter. He also has a proper health bar with 16 bars that go down each time an enemy is hit. In multiplayer, he can transform into items for multiplayer, similar to Kirby's Epic Yarn. King Dedede and Meta Knight can upgrade their weapons for certain enemies, and Meta Knight has various slashes and multiple swords, and use his mask as a disc to hurl at enemies. The final character, Knuckle Joe, can use multiple attacks, and turn Kirby into Kirby once per level, whenever you need. There are collectibles named Power Orbs, similar to Kirby's Return to Dream Land's Energy Spheres, but there are more of them, but overall, the game functions similarly to normal entries.


This story is essentially a more in-depth version of the story for Kirby's Adventure, with King Dedede originally acting as the big villain, but soon transfers to Nightmare, and Kirby and friends have to go stop him. However, there are some major plot points that do distinguish it from the aforementioned game. For example, when Kirby and the gang go to Castle Dedede, Nightmare creates a clone of King Dedede, and the team have to fight the clone. Also, the team turns into their Micro forms for the level, Micro Mountain, which has all the enemies becoming much smaller, and cuts your health bars in half. Also, Nightmare manages to revive Marx to fight Kirby and everyone else at the Fountain of Dreams.

Extra Media

UniversalGaming Incorporated is planning a demo for the game, and they have leaked a remix for Green Greens that will be playing for the demo.

Kirby's Dream Land 4 - Green Greens02:49

Kirby's Dream Land 4 - Green Greens

The Green Greens remix for the demo. Credit to Halfblood2000 for helping me actually make my ideas shine.

And, that's really all I have to say. It's been a blast making, and I hope you all enjoy. Thanks for reading.

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