Here at EE, we're kind of on a game creating spree. Thanks to NextGen Solo's Holiday Showcase, we can announce a few of them games. And right now, we'll be announcing Quest of the Ninja, NinJon's first game!

Okay, so we're thinking about the details for QotN, and to be honest it's kinda hard. It was originally going to be an

As you can see, the characters are 2D, but not Paper Mario-style 2D.

RPG like Paper Mario, but now it'll probably be like The Legend of Zelda. Y'know, with NinJon running around, slashing his sword like nutz, and just walking around talking to people. He gets partners, similar to PM.

There are a bunch of chapters in the game. In each chapter (not counting the last one, prologue, and epilogue) there's this almighty powerful-ish crystal diamond. That's what you need to get in order to clear a chapter. Obviously a boss guards it, which you need to fight. And then, ta-da! You cleared a chapter, returned to Ninja Central, and put the diamond in its place on the fountain.

The main villian is a guy named Shadron. He's this cyborg shadow that's gone power-crazy. So he opened a portal to Ninja Central, had his army invade the town, and took the throne for himself. Then NinJon came along and totally kicked his butt. When Jon went to collect the crystal diamonds, Shadron realized he had to beat NinJon to it to keep his kingship. And so the ninja's quest began!

So yeah. I can't think of anything else to say, other than the fact that we'll have Quest of the Ninja as one of our main projects. The other games we're announcing are our other projects.

And so for now, happy holidays!Jake adoptfest ballZupaDupaMureeoKoybeeNinJonByPlzzap

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