Baby Waffle RPG. Crossover Adventure. 3D Story. A bunch of other stuff, I guess. Dawn of Epic is the latest game in the Baby Waffle department!

We have quite a few employees at EE, but only one is working on DoE, and that's me, the one announcing games here these few days.


It's kinda hard to describe this game, to be honest. I mean, it'll have all these characters going to defeat the main villian, wich is ME! Honestly, the villian's name is SuperDuper. The default characters are Mario, Kirby, Tepig, and Dipper. By "Default," I mean they're unlocked in the prologue, not entirely default.

There will be some fanon characters, but please don't request. If I like somebody I'll add him/her. But don't complain if your guy doesn't make the final cut.

I'm planning to have about a hundred characters. Yes, that's a lot!

So I may add more later, but I'm busy at the moment.

And so for now, good-bye! Let's-a go! MarioPunch KRTDL FourKirbys Poyo!

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