I know it seems rather last minute to announce this project, and I know executives at Fantendo don't want me to make another Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit game, but I have a plan. While the game will maintain the open-world street racing that defines the series, here's the catch: In response to the negative feedback about the cops, I am COMPLETELY removing the cops from the game.

A lot of people complained about the cops in the game, saying "Mario is a hero. He does not get chased by cops". Well, we've taken your complaints into account and we are going to comply to them. While the cops are no longer in Mario Kart: Hot Pursuit 3, it will still be fast-paced, intense, and spectacular.

Aside from the no cops deal, Hot Pursuit 3 maintains the same concept. Open-world city, real world cars, and intense, action packed races through the streets of a redesigned Mushroom City. We've edited the streets and paths across the city to keep it fresh.

There will be a heavy emphasis on the word "more". We'll have more areas to explore in the city, more cars, more races and events, and better graphics. We also plan to port the game to the Neo, as with Godzilla: King of Monsters, which was announced a few days ago. Also, the items will return in races. There will be classic bullet bills and banana peels, but there will also be new and very powerful weapons, such as spike strips, EMPs and more. You can also smash into other racers and total their vehicles to get ahead in the race.

Overall, there will be no cops in this installment, but it will still be the same intense action-packed racing game that is known to be.

Mario Kart Hot Pursuit 3

All the glory of the Hot Purusit franchise, minus the cops.

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