Pinti Land 3D is the latest title in the Pinti Land series, and the first one that is 3D. We have decided to rename Pinti Land II to this title because the 3D is a large advancement in the series, and we want all to know. Plot wise, the King of Draken captures Pinti's sister, so he arranges a group of adventurers to rescue her. They do, and after killing the King, leave his castle... which is the first world. Soon after, Pinti finds Arkaron City under seige of the King's henchmen, who are commanded by the King's son. Pinti and the gang head off to the Mountains of Ruffhale to find their secret base, the second world. I could explain the plot all day, but instead I'll talk about the gameplay!

The group of four all enter the area at one time, and are lead by Pinti. They sometimes must split up to solve puzzles, or work together to defeat massive hoards of enemys. Pinti's sister tells Pinti useful tips through his Wrist-Hologramer. To move through the world, Pinti and friends use Wonder Capes to fly away, avoiding airborne enemys along the way.

I will begin the game when I'm near finished with the original Pinti Land: The Rainbow Crystals.

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