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Welcome, everyone, to the final day of the Fantendo Holiday Showcase! For my first announcement, I'm going to unviel my newest game: Mario Bros. XL. It is a semi-remake of the original Mario Bros., and features many new things. Each level in the game features 3-6 areas, and after each enemy is defeated you move onto the next area. The game as 8 worlds, connected by a world map. As youcomplete levels, you will find more and more new things, like a new enemy: the Froghopper, a mix between the Flyerfighter and Sidestepper.


  1. Toad Town Sewers
  2. Mushroom Heights
  3. Volcano Isle
  4. Froghopper Swamp
  5. Icy Peaks
  6. Big Ape City
  7. Giant's Temple
  8. Bowser's Castle


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