Welcome to the first showcase of Moonlight Studios, which is the game Pokémon Indigo and Violet for the Neptagon and 3DS.


Prototype Screenshot
The game we be very similar to the predecessors in the series: Beginning with a starter pokémon, levelling them up, evolving them, defeating Gym Leader, then the Elite Four and the Champion, whilst going along with a plot. But, there will be many new features. As the player progresses through the game, he will be able to hold more pokéballs, up to a maximum of 10 eventually. The game will introduce a new set of badges that need to be gained after the Gym Leader, but before the player can access the Elite Four: The Pro Leader Badges. Along with that, 2 new types have been added to the mix: Robot and Jungle.


As you will know, every new Generation will get a host of new pokémon, and today, we are able to reveal some designs and names. As of so far, 100 have been confirmed, which you can check here.

Starter Pokémon

The game will still involve three starter pokémon: Grass, Water and Fire

Other Pokémon

We are also able to confirm a few other pokémon

Thanks for reading, Conkeldurr ChristmasHave aKrookodile ChristmasVery MerryLeavanny ChristmasChristmasUnfezant ChristmasFromVaporeon ChristmasBaby YoshiZoroark Christmas

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