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Here's the announcement I'm the most excited to make. Strafe: Quietus is a game I knew I had to make ever since I came up with the idea of the Quietus universe (which was at the same as Aeo Little Ponies, which I still haven't done anything with).

Basically, it's an alternate universe version of the events of Strafe: Heaven Born. There are a few major differences this time around:

  • Micaliye was kidnapped by slavers, rather than killed by Lock, who still lives with Strafe in a somewhat normal father-son relationship; both of them hold a vendetta against slavers but have yet to be able to find her and refuse to accept she could be dead
  • Strafe is a member of the Scavenger's Guild, a guild around which Noah is built, although rather than the grand city it is in the main universe, it's simply a settlement made out of scrap metal and any other junk the guild could find in the wasteland
  • Scavenging is a dangerous mission, to go out into the wasteland and risk radiation poisoning, bandit attacks, slaver kidnappings, Wisp ambushes (the Wisps in the Quietus universe are mindless murderers rather than the more intelligent Wisps who appear in the main series) or being murdered by any of the other radioactive beasts which wander the wasteland

The main story of the game involves Strafe finding out that a significant member of the Scavenger's Guild, Sear, had been trading information with a community of slavers based in a supposed underground "city of gold". Unfortunately Sear escapes into the wasteland before he can be given any sort of punishment, but Strafe decides to try tracking him and this slaver city down. Along the way there's a lot of missions the Scavenger's Guild needs doing to improve Noah; each mission you do will grant some sort of benefit when the town is attacked by any number of different enemies, which is fairly common and can happen in the middle of any other mission.

That's pretty much all I can say for now without giving away any spoilers. This is only the first planned Quietus game; I'm also planning on doing a Foregone expansion pack where you team up with a new Chronomancer companion (generally I avoid having Chronomancers in the games because the Novikov self-consistency principle is hard to work into gameplay, but I'm making an exception here since they won't be using their Chronomancy for time travel, only timeline switching) to travel to and from the Quietus universe while uncovering a bunch more plot hooks for Foregone 2 (which is going to be the last Aeo Composition game chronologically). But this announcement is about Strafe: Quietus, not the Aeo Composition, so you'll have to wait for any more info on all that.

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