Fantendo High is a video game adaptation of the TV series with the same name. Not much is known about it. It is going to be to the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Trailer Info

The trailer starts out similar to the start of the first episode of Fantendo High with Unten going to the Fantendo High school for the first time. The game later switches with Unten using a crossbow to defeat a yet unknown shadow-like creatures. The trailer later shows Squav in a stealth section and then later Locky and C.J. fightning the same creatures that Unten fought before. A bigger shadowy figure appears and commands his minions to attack the heroes, Unten, Locky, C.J., Squav appears and starts attacking some of them, then some other characters appears such as Pesh and Lumalee to help the heroes. The trailer ends with the game's logo.

Confirmed Characters

Confirmed Locations

  • Fantendo High
    • Fantendo High's Front
    • The Sports Court
    • Snaily Joe's Room
  • Unnamed mountain location.
  • Unnamed factory location.
  • Unnamed sea location.

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