Fantendo High (2015)
Producer(s) Vector Arts
Distributor(s) Vector Arts
Broadcaster(s) Cartoon Network
Type Slice of life.
Genre(s) Humor, action, adventure.
First Air Date(s)
May 1, 2015
Opening Theme Never Miss A Beat by Kaiser Chiefs link
Ending Theme High School Never Ends by Bowling for Soup link
Country of Origin USA
Original Language English
Season(s) 1
Episodes 13
Runtime 15min.
I should had stayed in Normal Academy. This place is way too bizarre.

Fantendo High is a 2015 reboot of Fantendo High, featuring the same premise as the previous one, in an alternate univese, Unten is an ordinary creature of Fantendoverse who goes to the Fantendoverse's most well known school, Fantendo High. The show is a slice-of-life show with humor, action and adventure featuring the same cast as the previous one with a few newcomers.

The show features the same writers and producers as the previous installment, with the inclusion of Sr.Wario as a new writer who previously worked on Fantendo the Animated Series, but now instead of being a part of Toonami, the show became a part of Cartoon Network. The show premiered in May 1, 2015.



  • Unten - A beorn, who is pretty much the only normal creature of the cast. Usually the voice of reason, usually the foil. He is very smart but he is not very strong. He uses a crossbow as a weapon when action kicks in.
  • Netnu
  • Yurei
  • Locky
  • Anthony
  • Danni
  • Fandro
  • General Scotch
  • Flip
  • Cobby
  • Min
  • C.J.
  • Lumalee
  • Prinicipal Joe
  • Willow "WiKia" Kirstal
  • Squav
  • Jake
  • Data
  • Mika Sho
  • Ozzy
  • Martin Smith
  • Meta-Form
  • Cubey
  • Pesh
  • Pashie
  • Stump
  • Frolo
  • Lunes
  • Sak
  • Miles
  • Jon
  • Eagle
  • Hugo
  • SGY


Season 1

  1. What Could Possibly Go Right?
    Summary: Unten goes to a new school and now has to start everything from scratch, like having to make friends once again, having to adapt to a new location and etc., this would be fine, if the school wasn't filled with the most weird creatures that the Fantendoverse could offer. As such, Unten has a bit of trouble trying to fit in, but with the help of Locky, he tries.
    Written by: .vectorDestiny
  2. Going Nuts
    Summary: Squav is trying to get the role of one of the Kinghts of the Round Table in the school's play about a the King Arthur's legend, but his sword gets stolen by someone in the school and he goes completely insane over it. Squav begins to stalk everyone, everday at the point of installing cameras everywhere to see who stole it.
    Written by: .vectorDestiny
  3. Identity
    Summary: Unten discovers a hidden notebook buried underneath Fantendo High and discovers that his relation with Netnu might not be just a simple rivarly as he once thought.
    Written by: .vectorDestiny
  4. Erased from Existence
    Summary: What once would be a normal day at school, the students discover that two of their friends, Locky and Yurei are suddenly gone. As they look for them, the missing duo finds themselves in an empty void.
    Written by: .vectorDestiny

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