Fantendo Heroes X: The Secret Confrontation is a fan fiction that takes place at the same time as Fantendo Heroes 3: Querius' Attack. As such, the characters in it do NOT appear in FH3, and at the end the two fan fiction's collide. Because it takes place at the same time, it is technically an alternate sequel of Fantendo Heroes 2: Banned User's Revenge. It will have 50 chapters along with a Prologue and an Ending.


Player lay on the ground, coughing. A dark shape passed over him. He was a dark blue giant, and had white streaks running all over his body. "Ha ha ha ha ha" Destructan laughed, as he picked up Player. Next to Destructan was quite a few people. There were The Red Man, Kirby 2 and Vince. "That stupid Querius doesn't understand a thing." said Destructan. "All we need to do is steal that machine, and all will be ready". The entire room turned dark, and the screams of a metroid were heard.

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