Chapter 61: Amazing Discovery

"H-h-hey! We survived!" cried P Nut. They all saw that they were surrounded by...Koopas? " worked." said Blunt. "We're in the Mushroom Kingdom. Does anyone know how to get to the Legend of Zelda series?" Most of the Koopas shook there head, but one nodded. "Yes." he said. "My name is Bobo. I was once a user on Fantendo, but I jumped through the void and came here. I liked it, so I never came back. Some more people you see are users. I will tell you if they are. We will help you." "Wow..." said Plumber. "Who knew I was just a step away from finding my missing users?"

Chapter 62: Super Sword

They walked forwards and saw some voids. "The middle void leads to Zelda series." said Bobo. They enter, and see a Re-dead. "Don't worry, that's Stickup. A user. Hey, Stickup!" "Yes, Bobo?" "Would you help me and my friends? We need to find Link so we can have the Master Sword." "Oh, sure! He's in Zelda's Castle. I'll lead you." They followed Bobo and Stickup to Zelda's Castle and saw Link. "Halt! Who goes there?" "Do you have the Master Sword?" "Oh, Stickup! Sure, why?" "We need it." "Why?" "Uh...Bobo?" "Uh...Sam?" "We need to copy it to destroy Querius." "Go ahead!" He hands them the Master Sword. Blunt copies it and creates the ultra-powerful Super Sword!

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