Sam and co. headed back to Fantendo. When they arrived, the destruction was terrible. Fan City was in ruins, and Querius had control over Fantendo. They entered his palace and he said, "Sam, you're very persistent, and I admire that. But, I must destroy you." He and Sam started a sword duel, which led to the balcony of Fantendo Castle. There, Sam struck Querius in the chest killing him, then his energy flew into the void, enlarging it. Sam stared sadly into the void. "Oh Sam, not you too..." King Plumber said. Sam didn't reply. Instead he flew into the void. And, in a flash of light, Sam was gone. And Fantendo was back to normal. Everyone began to rejoice, except Plumber, who began to weep. Fantendo was safe, but it came at a cost... The lives of two heroes who will be remembered forevermore for their brave deeds...

The End

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