October 30th; Day 1

Hello, and welcome to Fantendo's Halloween Showcase! This is the NinRMAX booth. We're sorry we couldn't do our booth earlier, So we'll try to include the most information!

First let's start with some new games, like this!


WarioWare is back! And it's getting mIXed uP! Touch, tilt, speak! And the new, MINIGAME CREATOR! Or what about the new 3D feature!? (yep, it's on the 3DS!) WarioWare: MIXED UP!: Release: Early 2016.

We're also planning on a new Tetris game featuring Nintendo characters!

Now let's start with some news about some of our great games.

Super Mario: Lightning Of Death had DLC, but after 9 months, it was disabled and was never seen again. But it's BACK!!! Smlod-bx

So to start off with, We are happy to announce that the game will have Nintendo characters DLC!!

Coming at the same time as WarioWare: Mixed Up, Wario will be in a DLC pack!!

And we're also happy to report HAL allowed us to use Kirby and King Dedede as DLC!!

So for our first DLC pack, There will be three characters, (Kirby, King Dedede, Wario), An outfit for every playable character in the game, 1000 coins, and a LEVEL CREATOR MODE!!!

The DLC pack will be released in Early 2016!

Lastly, We have only one more new game to show,

But it'll be shown tomorrow! (ultimate trolling)

We hope you had a good time! See ya tomorrow!

October 31st; Day 2-Halloween!!!

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