You're car has broken down in the middle of a country road. There are no cars for miles to help you. But then you see a building in the distance. You walk up to the front door, and a robed man walks out with a lantern, asking you to come inside. As you explored the inside of the man's house, you notice several pieces of paper, all with a pumpkin stamp on it. The man directs to room marked "1" and leads you inside. Then, he says...

"Welcome to MY Halloween Showcase!! Mwaahahaha!!!"

October 27th; Day 1

Now, if you were paying attention a few days ago, you may have noticed a blog I made with a picture I made from Paint. Well, wonder about it no longer! Behold, The Warp!

The Warp uses bubble text, and a pretty unique story. You see, you think this two-horned tyrant named Rainking has decided to take over Gamma-Earth. The lazers are ready...until an offscreen man says "CUT!" Yes, it turns out it's all a movie being made. But one day, Rainking's actor and two unsuspecting people are sucked into a void. Why? Who's doing it? They figure out who it is: it was the actual %@!#*^&$. (MESSAGE LOST)

So that's The Warp, and I hope your pumped for it!

Also, today I have one more thing to show you!

TBC later

October 28th; Day 2

October 29th; Day 3

October 30th; Day 4

October 31st; Day 5-Halloween!!!

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