Fantendo Golf Blast & Hit
Developer(s) Pillow 8 comp
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii,3DS ,PS2,and Ds lite
Release Date(s)
China-August 30, 2011

Britian-September 5, 2011 AMERICA-September 9, 2011

1 Player-4 players
Age Rating(s)
E -Everyone
Genre(s) sports
Media Included Wii disc,PS2 disc,3DS cartridge,DS lite cartridge

Fantendo Golf Blast & Hit is the first installment of Fantendo Golf series.It was created by Pillow8comp and given to Fantendo.It has more than golf.It also has soccer and football.

Confirmed Characters

Purple Blast & HitPurple He was created by the mighty sonic wiki.He is the mascot of the golf series.

He revolves




is good

for golf

He was created by Edgeorgencody.He is proffesionaly athletic He is all-around and good for soccer
Thunder golf
He was created by jh2123 and given to Pillow8 He is strength and is good for basketball
Emerald Blast & HitEmerald Emerald is created by Eltario.He is leader of team gem stones and Hero of his universe




to places

in seconds.

Hes good for soccer.

Ruby Blast & Hit
Ruby is created by the same creater by emerald.He is unlockable.He is part of Team Gemstones.

He is the toughest

and heaviest .He is good in Basketball.

Sapphire Blast & Hit
He is created by the same creater of emerald.He is down loadable and is part of Team Gemstones He is patient making him good in Golf


You can play in the following games:Golf,Soccer,and Basketball.The graphics can be changed for the 3Ds.It also has a 4D installment included.It also has an adventure mode and hall of fame mode.Which you must win all games to get powerful moves.On the way ,you could unlock characters,moves, and new events.

Plot(adventure mode)

Purple is walking,bored.When walking near a stadium.A flyer appears.It was for golf.He was excited until it said he needed a team.Thunder and Nugg come and join his team.They fight multiple players.They ,on the road get new team memebers.After the final match.Before they can get their medal .Bowser comes.He transports everyone to his castle.After Purple and his memebers beat Bowser's troops.Bowser declares a golf match.Purple and his team lay victorious.They get their prize and become Fantendo's best team

Plot(Hall of fame)

After their victory.Fantendo characters want to challenge Purple and his team.Unten then makes the hall of fame .A competition to see who's the best.After beating piles of teams.They face Unten.Victorious they claim their prize.But now Nintendo wants to face Team Purple.After facing all the Nintendo characters in history,They go against Mario.Team purple are victorious .Bowser intrudes the ceromony and transports them to diffrent timelines.Team purple must beat the best out of every year.They finally met Bowser.They won,for good this time.They enjoy a mighty feast and become they best in nintendo history.


  • This might be the longest game in Fantendo because You must compete against every best person every year(1700-3000)

Meaning you must beat 300 competers.Including all nintendo Characters in history.

  • Pilow was suppose to view but his animation was hard to get.because i always get grey when i try to dye yoshi white)
  • Jocket was deleted in the first stage because of bad reviews.