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For the first console, click HERE

The Fantendo GamingKid 2 is a Rip-off of a Rip-off, but this


Powerful console


has like 2B of RAM memory (1.9B used for the system), and a monochrome screen. Plus, it can't even play a simple NES game.

The critics were:

IGN: "I didn't like the first one, why the hell would i like this one? For that dumb name!?!?" 0/99999999999999999999999999999999999

eShop: "Sure, we demand you for the first console, you make a new company and YET AGAIN make us demand you" 0/4593204209490850978326275635496452253

Mc'Donalds: "No, thanks" 0/10

Unteen: "*suicided*" -/10

The same guy at street: "Nope, you aren`t going to give me another console of yours again" 0.000000000095/10

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