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The Fantendo GamingKid could be considered a Gameboy Rip-off, and it is in some way, but this console has the double of RAM a iPad mini has, and a color screen with back-light. Plus, it has a super-secret-chip-no-one-knows-how-it-works that makes it capable of running Wii games (cheers for that).

The critics were:

IGN: "Nice piece of s*it, i can play some basic games, but the lack of controls make it TERRIBLE!" 0/123123122312131232123

eShop: "I will demand you for ripping off our console, and demand you again for making it look like a piece of f*c***g dirt" 0/101010101010101010demand101010101

Mc'Donalds: "I want it for my Happy Meal" 10/10

Unteen: "Delete this page" 0/10

Random guy at street: "I hate this console, but good thing the swiss kinfe game cartidage works on my Gameboy Advance SP" 0.1/10

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