This is part 1 of Fantendo Fusion: Lost Heroes.

Chapter 3 (Squav)

I'm a hungry squavacado, okay? Although I'm still 17, my appetite matches that of a growing 13 year old. So when I saw the buffet of a breakfast on the table, I dug in. Pancakes and waffles, yum! Sure, White almost always burns the food, but he cooks it with his Boomstick, what would you expect? Oh, yeah, you guys don't know what that is. Well, his Boomstick is a staff that can shoot fire, I believe.

During breakfast, I heard a knock on the door. "I got it" said Scratch. With that, he walked out of the kitchen, leaving me, Unten, Data and White. By the time there were only three pancakes left, Scratch came back holding a newspaper with a picture of a fairground on it.

"What you got there?" asked Data. Scratch explained that an abandoned fairground mysteriously appeared on the outskirts of Fan City. "Should we check it out? What do you guys think?" he asked, excited. "I'm up for it" I replied and the others agreed. We finished the remaining pancakes and set out to find the abandoned fair.

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