This page lists the roles and jobs of users participating in Fantendo Funfair 2015.

  • TechBreloom (tbc) - director, head of development (ATM), supervisor

Attraction Builders

These users have the role of constructing attractions built around their original characters and series. Sign-ups currently closed.

Revival Builders

These users have the role of constructing attractions based on concepts submitted by users who participated in the original Fantendo Funfair, but have decided not to participate in FF2015.

  • TechBreloom (tbc) - Charnelon the Blue Ninja, Jack, Labyrinth, Agent RX, Pusher's Pile, A Fairy's Tale, Flip the Frog
  • Exotoro (tbc) - 3.14

If you would like to participate as a revival builder, you can still claim the following series:

  • iPenguin
  • Battle of Bracelets
  • Cursed Enigma
  • Garden Adventure


Artwork Makers

These users have the role of creating imagery for the game, including character artwork, boxart, etc.

Assistant Artists

These users have the role of creating logos, icons and other required images for attraction builders who cannot create them themselves. Sign up here.

Icon Makers

Request an icon here.

Logo Makers

Request a logo here.

Composers/Soundtrack Development

Advanced Development (Unconfirmed)



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