Intel Search
FFLogo Intel Search
The Logo for Intel Search
A Perfect Spy
Series TranSpy
Genre Competitive
Players 2 v 2
Mii Characters
Cass Ayers, Tom Carré, Jack Ryan and William Sewell.
Wii U Gamepad
Nintendo Cobalt Controller

Intel Search is a Competitive Attraction based on TranSpy featured in Fantendo Funfair 2015. It is located in Area 2.


In Intel Search, two players battle against other two players or computer-controlled opponents in a different variety of maps. The game is seen from a third-person perspective and each player has their own special abilities depending of the character that they pick, alongside a disvantage.

  • Cass Ayers - easier to hide from opponents, less health.
  • Tom Carré - Better precision, less ammo.
  • Jack Ryan - The fastest, but also the ones that takes more damage.
  • William Sewell - Can carry more ammunition, but is the slowest of the four.

Players from each other have to cooperate to get the intel hidden in each map, usually at the center of the map and to get out of the map and escape through the helicopter. Matches in Intel Search doesn't have any time limit and as such matches has varying length, except in Time Attack, which is the challenge version of this mode, in which a solo player must get the intel against a team of three computer controlled opponents, this mode is only unlocked after completing Intel Search on Story Mode.

Each map has different weapons and equipment and as such, strategies change from map to map in order to keep the game fresh. The mode offers 8 weapons and 8 equipment.


  • Shock Gun: The starting weapon. Has infinite ammo but doesn't deals damage and only stuns the opponent for a while.
  • Desert Eagle - A pistol with incredible strength. Has 12 ammo and is the fastest of the guns.
  • Sniper Rifle - A long ranged weapon, which is very dangerous to use because it leaves the player open to be attacked but it is the strongest weapon in the game. Has 16 ammo.
  • Missile Launcher: The slowest of the weapons but with amazing damage given to the opponent if it hits. The missile can be controlled by the player. Has 8 ammo.
  • C4: A remote explosive. Players can set this weapon as a trap for other players.
  • Throwing Knifes: The most common of weapons, gives a small amount of damage but it can be easily spammed. Has 10 ammo.
  • Shotgun - Has a short range but it can deal great close damage to the opponents and it can hit multiple enemies. Has 16 ammo.
  • Flamethrower: Close ranged weapon but it can leave the opponent losing health for a long time if the flames hit the opponent for a good amount of time. Has 100 ammo.


  • Suppressor - Reduces noise from weapons.
  • Bandana - Does nothing, but it is cool.
  • Binoculars - Allows players to see from large distances.
  • Cardboard (TM) Boxes: Might fool some people.
  • ID Card: Allows players to go through some locked doors.
  • Nightvision Googles: Allows players to see in the dark.
  • Ballistic Shield: Protects players from the opponent's bullets.
  • Sonar: Detects sounds made by other players.


Wii U


  • Hope Watchtower [Size: Big] [Difficulty: 3/5].
  • Peace Towers [Size: Medium] [Difficulty: 3/5].
  • Area 15 [Size: Big] [Difficulty: 5/5].
  • Serene Cave [Size: Medium] [Difficulty: 3/5]
  • Danger Room [Size: Small] [Difficulty: 2/5]
  • Tabes Hostel [Size: Medium] [Difficulty: 3/5]
  • Grey House [Size: Medium] [Difficulty: 5/5]
  • Titanic Plane [Size: Big] [Difficulty: 4/5]




  • The character's names, besides Cass Ayers, are based upon spy novels' names or authors, such as Tom Carré (a mix of John le Carré and Tom Clancy), Jack Ryan (from Tom Clancy's novels) and William Sewell (author of Nonofficial Asset).
  • The Cardboard Box is a reference to the Metal Gear Solid series.
    • The Sonar has the internal name file of "soniceye", which is an item from a Metal Gear game that has the same function as the Sonar.