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Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Attraction
The Logo for Dream Catcher
Dreams Do Come True
Series The Temple of Dreams
Genre Solo
Players 1
Mii Characters
Aloe, Charity, Dimitri, Esme, Meadow.

Dream Catcher is a Solo Attraction based on The Temple of Dreams featured in Fantendo Funfair 2015. It is located in Area 3.


You play Dream Catcher as any of the heroes from The Temple of Dreams, Aloe, Charity, Dimitri, Esme or Meadow. You have a grid of tiles representing different elements, and you have to match them in groups of either 3 or above. Depending on the element you matched, you can do a variety of things. Attack, Defend, Magic Attack, Magic Defend, HP Restore or Luck. Your goal is to defeat the enemy in any way possible, and using the tiles you can do so. There is an over-world map which has 18 different locations on, which you can explore at your own discretion. When you reach the end, you receive a medal, entitled, "The Dream Catcher".






Beta Elements



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