Digitbot Battle
Digitbot Battle
The Logo for Digitbot Battle
Series Shock Block
Genre Competitive
Mii Characters

Digitbot Battle is a Competitive Attraction based on Shock Block featured in Fantendo Funfair 2015. It is located in Area 1.


The four players play as Digitbots. Player 1's Digitbot is red, Player 2's is blue, Player 3's is green and Player 4's is yellow.

First, you have to customise your Digitbot to your liking. There are three categories, Speed, Power and Jump. Each category can be 1-10 stars, but you only have twenty stars

Every Digitbot has a certain amount of hearts (10-25). You have to attack your rivals in a certain way to peirce their health. Once a Digitbot has lost all their hearts, they are out, but they can get revenge by flying about in a flying pod, dropping bombs. The last one standing wins.



  • A; jump (double jump or flutter in air)
  • B; shoot
  • L/R; sheild


  • Classic; a square area with nothing in the way.
  • Building; has an escaltor and many floors. Watch your step, you don't want to fall.
  • Water; has water that you do not want to touch. Beware of the bridges breaking.
  • Feild; has big blocks everywhere to hide behind.
  • Maze; is a giant maze. You have to find your foes, whilst making sure they don't find you!


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