Boy in Blue's Horror Hunt
FF BiB Logo
The Logo for Boy in Blue's Horror Hunt
Kill it before it kills you
Series Boy in Blue
Genre Competitive - Wii Remotes vs. GamePad
Players 1-5
Mii Characters
Tom, Jessica, Kevin, Annabelle, Stanley
Gamepad and Wii Remote

Boy in Blue's Horror Hunt is a Competitive - Wii Remotes vs. GamePad Attraction based on Boy in Blue featured in Fantendo Funfair 2015. It is located in Area 3.


The player using the gamepad hides somewhere or walks around the arena as a shadow. His goal is to destroy all hunters by lowering their HP, though he can't see where they are. His best chance of winning is to avoid a confrontation with the hunters for as long as possible, sneeking around to find traps and magic orbs while hiding for the hunters. Traps can be placed anywhere and do damage to the hunters, while magic orbs give the shadow new powers to use in the final confrontation. Of course, the player can also choose to directly confront a hunter, but with a big chance of getting damaged or even killed.
The Wii Remote players are the hunters, and their job is to work together in order to track down and kill the shadow. They do not know where the shadow is, however, and have to watch out for it and its traps. Though not as strong as the shadow, the hunters can find equipment and weapons to power themselves up, so they might want to do that first before actively hunting the shadow down. There are always four hunters, CPU hunters will fill in for missing human players.
Eventually, a final confrontation is inevitable, as it slowly gets easier for the hunters to find the shadow, who will automatically leave traces behind. Though the shadow is naturally more powerful than the hunters (especially when they aren't with all four of them) and has as much HP as the four of them combined, the weapons, equipment and magic orbs play a decisive role. Whoever kills their opponent first wins.


Wii Remote

The players move their characters with the D-pad. The 2 button will make the hunter pick up an item, while holding the one button in combination with the D-pad will make them run. Pressing A will open the inventory, and holding B makes the hunter use their flashlight.


The player can make the shadow move by pointing the left joystick in a direction. The right joystick can be used to change the camera angle. The A Button can be used to pick up an item. The + Button will pause the game, and the - Button will open the inventory where gear and traps can be viewed and selected with A. While holding a trap, press the Y button to place it. The L button can be used to zoom in, as if the shadow is looking through a binocular. While holding L, either move the gamepad or move the right joystick to look around. The R button can be used to become invisible for a second. This move can only be used so many times. By touching the screen, the player switches between a first person view and a third person view. The player can use the D-pad to release creepy sounds (laughter, screaming, howling etc.) on the TV. During a confrontation, use ZR to aim, and use ZL and the left joystick to sidestep. The buttons A, B, X and Y all become magic orb attacks, which can be set up in your inventory.


There are 3 stages to choose from, all based on an area in Boy in Blue. The names aren't final, images are coming soon.

Vampire House

The inside of a huge and spooky mansion with many halls, rooms and *squeak* doors. You never know what's behind a corner or door, and the shadow may get help from the dweller of this house in scaring the hunters...

Forest Garden

The garden of the vampire house that hasn't been taken care of in a long time. It's more like a forest, really. The Red Moon in the dark night provides a beautiful view over the mansion and surroundings, although that's probably not what you're here for.

Secret Basement

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


  • The Red Moon is seen in the garden of the Vampire House, while in the actual game, it can only be seen in Cromar.

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