Blue Soupuke: Zombie Invasion
"Survive the Bizarre Zombie Invasion!"
Game Blue Soupuke's Bizarre Adventure: Crystal is Destroy
Genre Solo
Players 1
Mii Characters
Blue Soupuke, Generic Shopkeeper Man, Untenio Beorndo

Blue Soupuke: Zombie Invasion is a Solo Attraction based on Blue Soupuke's Bizarre Adventure: Crystal is Destroy featured in Fantendo Funfair 2015. It is located in Area 3.


The game begins with the player picking one of 4 arenas, then the player is thrown into a top-down arena where a barrage of zombies starts coming for the player, the player can use a variety of combos to take the zombies down and get Ze Moneh from each kill, the player can use Ze Moneh to buy items, combos and more, you can also kill zombies to gain experience to upgrade your stats and become stronger.

As the hordes come along the zombies become much more stronger and Unenio Beorndo starts appearing to try and mess you up by dashing across the screen trying to bite you and shooting lasers at you from above.

After every 25 hordes you face off against Untenio Beorndo, who can shoot lasers, freeze you and stop time for 4 seconds, if you defeat him the game will return to normal but after 25 more hordes he'll return stronger. The goal of the game is to obtain the highest score possible before dying.


Beta Elements

In the original beta version, the game was gonna be Competitive and would involve players trying to get the highest score possible from killing zombies before time ran out, the player with the highest score won. However, the creator noticed that there weren't many Solo attractions and turned it into one.



1. Generic Shopkeeper Man is not present at all in the actual game, he was created with the only purpose of selling items and upgrades in the attraction and nothing else, which is why he was named "Generic Shopkeeper Man".