This page exists as a quick list of who are working on the project Fantendo Funfair. If you want to volunteer for a job, you can do that here.

Main Roles

  • MarioGameChampion (tbc) - Creating non-attraction gameplay, creating main page, leading
  • HammerBroBuddy (tbc) - Creating non-attraction gameplay, helping with main page, prizes
  • Toad'ShyGuy (tbc) - Helping with main page
  • SuperDuperMarioKirby (tbc) - Helping with main page
  • Arend (tbc) - Helping with main page
  • Cobweb (tbc) - Soundtrack
  • Sr.Wario (tbc) - Though anyone can do this, he will be the main typo/grammar editor.
  • Brockdilley (tbc) - Patrols attractions to make sure that they are original and appropriate
  • PabloDePablo (tbc) - creates some NPCs
  • Everyone else who has signed up - Completing requirements, making your attraction

Attraction Roles

Help Roles

Everyone is responsible for their attractions. Aside from the attractions theirself, they're also responsible for their logos, series icons and artwork, although only the logos and icons are required. However, we acknowledge that not everyone is able to make everything of that stuff, so if you signed up and have trouble making any of those, you can ask any of these guys to help you.

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