This is the list of Competitive attractions featured in Fantendo Funfair.
Icon Title Description
LEmblem Mario's Volcano Chase TBA
FFIconPushersPile FFLogoPushysDashMatch TBA
FantendoFunfairApplesIcon FFappleslogo TBA
GumballFFIcon GumballFFLogo TBA
FF Bombell Emblem BombellBombsAwayLogo The players have an amount of Bombs that can be thrown at opponents to blow them up and take their points to gain more, and Bombs can be obtained by collecting them when they appear in the stage. The player with the most points at the end wins in the minigame.
TRoDEmblem Dark Shadows TBA
CCIconFFNC Cheese Village Chase One character is dressed like Swiss. With the other players' screen blacked out, the Swiss player ducks into a house. The other four then have thirty seconds to find the one.
Teardrop TeardropTransformingRaceLogo TBA
FantendoFunfairUnderworldIcon Underworld Battle Royale The player playing with the Gamepad wields a hammer, while those with Wii Remotes wield scythes. The players must battle each other by swinging their scythes/hammers until only one player remains.
HamsterHavocFFIconSmall TBA TBA

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