FF Bombell Emblem
The Bombell series' emblem
Attraction Title Bombell's Bombs Away!
Attraction Type Competitive
Mii Characters Featured Bombell, Booster, Bombella, Stanley, Benjamin, Sara, ??? (Unconfirmed character)

The Bombell series is one of the many series that appears in Fantendo Funfair.

Attraction: Bombell's Bombs Away!

Main Article: Fantendo Funfair/Bombell's Bombs Away!

In this minigame each player is dressed up as like the series' characters. Each one has an amount of Bombs (Bomblobs) at the beginning and are used to be thrown at other players in order to take their points and gain more. The player with the largest amount of points at the end of the minigame wins. The players can get more Bombs that will appear in the stage in certain moments. When the players doesn't have Bombs they can protect themselves thanks to the stages, as each stage has barriers. The stages are originated from the worlds of the Bombell series.

Story Mode Role

Bombell-themed Prizes


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