The Apples series' emblem
Attraction Title Apples' Fruit Battles
Attraction Type Competitive
Mii Characters Featured YonenBooe, MeizeBooe, JonBooe, MaizaBooe, RemBooe, BaBooe, ByBooe, RingBooe, BlackBooe

The Apples series is a series that appears in Fantendo Funfair. Its minifame is called Apples' Fruit Battle. This page list all of the information regarding the series in Fantendo Funfair.

Apples' Fruit Battles

Main article: Apples' Fruit Battles

In the minigame, Apples' Fruit Battles, the players compete in a minigame to collect the largest amount of fruit as possible. The minigame involves the player, dressed as a character from the series, to run on a road through one of the worlds from the original Apples game. There are three parts, all being a different world being generated randomly. Each fruit has a different amount of points it gives. The rarer the fruit, the more points it gives. There are also enemy characters who reduce the amount of points the player has collected.

Story mode role

Apples-themed prized

There are multiple Apples-themed prizes in the game, most of ehich are costumes and dioramas.



  • Apple
  • Tree
  • Banana
  • Crystal Bit
  • Watering Can
  • Rainbow Flower
  • YonenBooe figurine
  • MeizeBooe figurine


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