Fantendo Frenzy is a game of many generas involving characters from all around Fantendoverse in a series of events. The game is for the 3DS produced by Fritez Co. planning to luanch in Mid-2014.
Fantendo Frenzy
Developer(s) Fritez Co. Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2013
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Various






Freeze Tag


Paint Frenzy


Icon Series Name Description Type
Johnny Dog Johnny Dog The gold-lovin' slightly greedy dog bursts out of the the doghouse and shows off his skills! Using various weapons from pistols to grenades and hammers Johnny can be a scary opponent to face. All Around
Volt Volt

Hold your beloved gadgets tightly because when this guy's around he might take over that. Volt uses shocking elements and lighting -quick punches to wreak havoc.

Hamster Havoc Frolo A normal hamster, well unless you call generating deep electricity normal. Frolo as astounding speed and always seems to be in a ball. Speed
Night of Thieves Michael Castillo Michael is a master of crime fighting who is sure to catch you red -handed no matter where you're hiding! Being a crime fighter he uses a good choice of weapons: a C96 Mauser Pistol a whip and a knife to attack. All-Around
David David David has a very unfortunate history with his dad killed. But never mind about that because after discovering amazing powers David for sure will steal the contest! Defense
Apples YonenBooe No, he is not a teddy bear , so please don't squeeze him at night. He's a heroic Booe with some amazing powers some would call "Magical Gold". With the power of this shiny abstract Yonenbooe makes a powerful foe. Speed
Apples MeizeBooe If your allergic to dust please stay away from MeizeBooe, she's all about her amazing dust that can transform into most everything! All-Around
Star Plants Hex Hex's job is to spike his enemies with his spikes, being a hedgehog after all. Hex lives on a strange planet with various plants and other things around. Speed
Star Plants Croc

Croc can use his jaws to snap foes, being a crocodile after all. Crock along with Hex and a few other friends live on that cool planet.

Win three times playing as Hex in star valley

Dawn & Eliane Dawn

Dawn is your typical teenager girl with a museum of many items collected by her and her friend Eliane. Using her sword and boomerang she has a variety of attacks.

Win 5 times on Paint Plains

Dawn & Eliane Eliane

Eliane is Dawn's best friend and is sorta, kinda, really clumsy. Although that won't be a problem with her magical scepter and her bombs!

Lose 5 times on Paint Plains

The Mystery Yurei Yurei after being killed by John Blood an assasin becomes a ghost and becomes quite curious about his death. Yurei can normally attack by his main elements of light and dark both being as exactly destructive as the other!  Speed
Secret of the Keyhole Locky At an awesome party sadly a boy named rick was murdered. Did the killer get away? Sadly yes but not anymore with Locky a detective from the future comes to solve this case! Locky really doesn't have anything "weapony" but his combat is magnificent! Power
Secret of the Keyhole Lexi


Beat 20 matches in a footrace with locky 

Meta-Form Meta-Form Meta-Form is a robot that was going to serve for military purposes but got a personallity of his own. His power? It's in his name. Form, with this Meta-Form can transform into who knows what? All-Around
Art Battle Prince Paint Prince Pait uses his amazing paintbrush to do all kinds of things! Nothing will stop him from achiving victory! Speedy
Bombell Bombell Bomb's away! Bombell was just a black normal bomb boo but with Booster's magic potion his powers transformed! Using bomblobs, explosions and a firey tounge this frenzy might be a Bomb Frenzy! Power
Costume Hero Lunes the Cat Just beacuse he's in a costume doesn't mean he wants candy! These costumes are more than just sweaty outfits they give Lunes powers depending on which costume making lunes a varied character, All-Around
Costume Hero Solana TBA All-Around

Alternate Costumes



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