Oh, hi everybody! I'm not too good with introductions so I guess let's just dive right in!

Pokemon Labyrinth
Pokemon Labyrinth is probably my most creative game in this presentation. It sounds like Pokemon Mystery Dungeon but it's combined with pokemon rumble and you play as a trainer outside of battle.

So how does the gameplay work in battle? Simple, basically your trainer sends you into a maze (or i should say labyrinth) to battle another pokemon to the deat- i mean like till one of you faints. You play as the pokemon and can use up to 4 moves. The style isn't RPG at all and no top view, action combat and 3rd person perspective is the new blue. Being pokemon you can use most items found in the labyrinth on your own but some must be sent to your trainer using special telepotation pads. You can also like send your pokemon items on a parachute and whatnot.

In the wild pokemon can be caught in battles with the same labyrinth gameplay. Mazes generated for wild battles are random unlike trainer battles. Of course if you wanna catch em you gotta weaken them, and then have your trainer drop a pokeball onto the pokemon. I forgot to mention that pokemon trainers ride on ufo things.

Then you can also play games capture the flag, tag, go and collect the most freakin crystal things and other crap against your friends. You can also do a multi battle with 3 other players (because a double battle would be a bit much), or just play a simple single battle. The game can also connect to XY and Pokémon Light and Dark Versions to deposit and withdraw pokemon

Super Mario Land 3DS
Super Mario Land 3DS is yet another genaric 3D Mario Platformer, but I just felt like makin one. You get the gist move around get to the goal, but theres TWO goals this time (super creative of me) a red and a blue goal. Each goal opens up a different level, so to open some levels you may have to play the same level again and take a different path to find the other goal. Other levels only have one black goal.

Also the player has time again, however this time instead of killing the player it removes useful items. Stars, Blue Coins and 7UPs (a magical soda that gives 7 lives) oops I meant 1ups are removed when the clock time remaining is 2/3. Special secret rooms are replaced with normal rooms containing less spoil. At 1/3 red coins removed, enemies become a bit faster and ? blocks require 2 hits. When time runs out the player is as good as dead, poison mushrooms replace powerups, the player loses all advantages in their character (like high jumping and stuff), and STAR CLEFTS the star coins or green stars of the game disappear.

Anyways it's powerup time, Rabbit Mario returns with a more costume appearance. He can jump REALLY HIGH (yes original i know) punch with his ears, grab ledges, descend slowly with his ear propeller move and JUMP ON WATER for a bit. It's sorta like the main powerup but I'm not gonna go around makin freakin bunnygoombas and bunnybills. Bunny mario's powerup is the SOUPA CARROT


Next we got Magic Mario who has the power to..... ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  well shoot magic balls seems WAAAAAAAAY too unoriginal, lets just say he has a really original power thats worth all our time and money. He can get this power with the Magic Scepter.


And then we also got Cheep-Cheep Mario, he can swim extremely fast (original for a fish) powerup) and jump out of the water with such height and force that it kills enemies. He can also preform a drill spin to kill underwater enemies and accelerate. Warning, because of those flippers he's an utter klutz on land and cannot run very fast

And finally, Time Mario by collecting a Time Capsule everything but Mario stops in it's tracks for a little while. While in this form killing enemies adds to the time, but mario can still take damage from obstacles he touches 

The 4 playable characters are marioluigipeech and FREAKIN DAISY IN HONOR OF THE SUPER MARIO LAND PART

  • Mario can run fast
  • Luigi can jump high
  • Peach can hover
  • And Daisy gains more height from jumping on enemies


well it's really beta though

So basically Mario,Luigi and Peach are having a picnic when Daisy appears and tells the group that Sarasaland is soundless. Then the four start to notice that mushroom kingdom is losing it's sound too. Soon after Princess Felivia, the Music Princess appears and tells everyone an evil sorcerer (Talantum) currently in the Orcasa Kingdom  has stolen the Sacred Flute and is sucking in all sound from other kingdoms. Now Mario Luigi Peach and Daisy travel to Orcasa Kingdom, a land of music and harmony to defeat the evil sorcerer

The Legend of Zelda: Fountain of Lamyth
Metriod Oblivion

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